**IMPORTANT! Read this before posting.***

Welcome to the Infor OS UX community!  In order to get the most out of this site please read on...

Before you post:

1.  Check here https://community.inforxtreme.com/g to make sure there isn't a more specific forum for your question.  Many Infor Applications have their own forum where you will have much better luck finding a response.

2. DO NOT POST in the General Discussion forum if there is a more specific forum in this community related to your question. There are specific forums for Chat, Homepages, and others.

3. Make sure to include the application name you are posting about in the TITLE of your post. If you do not, your post may be edited by the Admin with a "Incomplete Post" prefix.

4. Include the application name, version number, and as many details as possible in the BODY of your post.

5. Include screenshots or video of the issue whenever possible.

6. If a reply to your post answers the question use the "this helped me" link to mark it as the answer.

Note that posting, replying, liking, and getting a reply marked as an answer all increase your points on your profile. You do NOT get points for replying to your own post, liking your own post, or marking your own post as the answer. Points began being calculated on 6/5/2019.