OS App Designer (OAD) is not under Infor OS menu - New Portal

Hi Community OAD.

I am new on the new Infor portal also I am going to test the OAD in my tenat. I just added the security roles described in the user guide in IFS but not find the application below OS application. Do you know what else I need to check? I also checked to add the Infor application but is not on the list. Some one has pass throuhg this? This should be provided or fixed by Infor's cloud team?

I appreciate your comments


  • As of the May 2023 Maintenance Window for each respective region, all net new customers will be entitled to OS App Designer packaged with their InforOS delivery along with OS Portal. If you are a new customer who is being provisioned in May 2023 or after, there is no action to be taken, as this will be automatically provisioned and ready for usage.

    OS Portal is going out with 2023.05 but we are performing a migration for customers that is happening subsequent to the maintenance window. As per our GA announcement, Customers will be notified via a subsequent email when Trial Mode has been enabled and testing can begin.

    The Mongoose Cloud Enablement team is working on batch scripting which will provide all current customers access to OS App Designer that should coincide with the Portal release.

    If you do not already have App Designer provisioned in your Portal 2023.05 environment, you can submit an incident on support.infor.com

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