App Designer questions

Hi all,

I would like to develop List widgets using App Designer. Unfortunately, the features I am looking for are not complete or missing or under development.

1. Column names are set, but in widgets, it will reset to default, i.e. Column 1, Column 2.

2. Value mapping. I would like to map value and transform into another value.

3. Pagination. It will be a long list and need to scroll down to see more.

4. Tooltip on headers would be great. 

5. Unable to adjust the column width, or buggy column width.

Lastly, as far as I know, there will be some breaking changes over the course of app designer updates. I would love to see the roadmap of OAD.


  • Hey Huiggy - see my comments below:

    1. Are making sure to set the column names under the translatable strings page?

    2. Data transformations are currently being worked on, you can expect this enhancement in the near future.

    3. Pagination is available on the Records template currently. We are working on implementing pagination in the list template in 2024.

    4. Currently we have started to implement tooltip on the headers and columns when creating a data service, I am not sure what the plans are to implement this on the widget templates but I will suggest this as a future enhancement.

    5. Might need you to elaborate more on this issue, if it is a bug you found then I will need to report it.