How to send or receive M3 user data from/in a Widget?


I am trying to configure an OAD widget that can send via context message user data like USID, the users WHLO, DIVI.

While I can configure a data service with a GENERAL API to capture the users Warehouse, User ID, Division, none of the current templates seam to be able to allow background data biding. You always have to bind the output value of the API to a component in the widget that supports binding in order for you to add it to a Sending Context message.

This is possible in App Builder for example where you can tie a data service to a component or a flexbox but not use the data there directly. Or for example, standard widgets are able to capture users warehouse or ID by using the supported macros {WHLO}, {USID}, etc. This is very powerful as it allows you to capture the data without having the users to input the value and have widgets tailored to their specific data (their customer orders, their POs, their MOs). This would be even more useful in OAD since only Form Widget support input but can't be used to send data to other widgets.

Has anyone tried to achieve this in OS App Designer (to capture user data without binding them and then use them to send the data to other widgets via context message) and was successful?

Or does anyone know if there is a context message being sent in the Portal Workspace that contains M3 user data like ID, Warehouse so I can use it in any of the Widgets? Would appreciate any pointers.