Progress Indicator

I'm using Multi-Tenant Cloud version of Mongoose.

I'm trying to use the SoHoProgressIndicator component.  Is it possible to have the progress update while a form script task is running?  I change the variable bound to the ProgressIndicator component multiple times while the form script task is running.  The ProgressIndicator never updates until the form script task is finished.  It appears what I'm trying to do isn't possible.  But I want to see if someone knows something I don't.

The form script task is calling a service via ION API.  It can take a few seconds to complete.  So I want to give the user a good indication that something is happening.  I know that Mongoose gives the little spinning circle when it's processing.  I'm just wondering how I can make it more obvious to the user that the form is still processing.  Anyone have any ideas?

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