BarTender - how to do label printing from the cloud?


In Syteline V9 on-prem we have (or “used to have”) BarTender software, that communicates with the Label Printers. In Syteline, when users wanted to print labels, we use to insert data into a SQL Server Table, and BarTender was monitoring and reading data from this table. As soon as there is a new record in this table, BarTender will fetch it and send the label printing command to appropriate printer using the appropriate label template etc.


Now, we are in the process of migrating to multi-tenant cloud. So I would like to know the best approach to do this. If anyone have experience of going through this process, that would be great. Any Infor’s KB article on this will also be helpful. I have the following approach in my mind:


I will create a web-service on the on-prem BarTender server. This web-service will receive the data and insert it in the BarTender’s table (so that everything continue to work as is). Next, in CSI, I will create C# IDO Extension Class Library and through and IDO Method, I will call this web-service. My question is:


  1. Since our on-Prem BarTender server is behind a firewall (VPN), so, will need to white-list the IPs that will communicate to this web-service. Will it be possible for me to have the list of IP addresses of Infor’s multi-tenant cloud? How frequently will those IP addresses change? Is this a workable approach?
  2. Will my concept of calling webservice from IDO Extension Class work? Or should I look for some other complicated integration using ION (Infor OS) etc?


Thanks a lot.

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