Test - EVS100 import cannot find connected fields


I'm reaching out to see if someone has experienced the same and know a solution.

I'm having an Excel-file containing banks and branches. The first sheet contains banks and here import is going well. The seccond sheet contains bank branches. Each bank has a bank number (BKNO) formatted as text. For both sheets BKNO is formatted as TEXT in Excel. 

On import, all of the import lines claims that the bank number does not exist. I have checked for blank spaces and there are none. 

Any good ideas?

In M3 I find this bank no. in CRS690

Stil, when running CRS691MI_AddBankBranch, I get this.

  • TEST - 

    I've experienced EVS100 not responding well to '0 in the excel file, which allows for the 'text' of the leading zero. 

    Bank accounts and branches are also typically Division / Company related.  Are you in the right company / division in MNS150?