Your feedback needed on "Task Manager" enhancement request

I am posting to request ION Workflow users to endorse Enhancement Request 9725 if you are interesting in providing feedback on an enhancement that would allow managers to delegate workflow tasks via a home page widget.  Managers would be able to see the status of all tasks for workflows they are authorized to see, assign themselves, or assign others.

We previously had a small group of customers provide requirements. Now I would like open up the channel to have all users provide comments.

If you are unfamiliar with the Enhancement Request System (ERS) it can be found on in the Resources menu.  You can enter new requests, endorse other customer's requests, and subscribe to specific enhancements to see when there are updates.

Here is a direct link to the enhancement: HTTPS://ERS.INFOR.COM/ERS/ERS_DETAILS.ASPX?NOSCROLL=TRUE&ERID=9725

Thank you for your feedback!