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Workflow Notifications goes to Tasks in Ming.le and not to Notifications

Hi.  I searched in Xtreme but couldn't find the answer.  Why when you have a Notification in an ION Workflow, it goes to the Task and not the Notification in Ming.le? But it will go to the Notification in Smart Office?  The see attached screenshot?


TonyWorkflow Notifications.docx

  • All,
    Yes, there is currently an inconsistency in the term "Notifications" in our menus. The Notifications user menu entry found in the Portal currently displays only social notifications. ION Pulse Notifications are found on the same user menu but under the Tasks entry. There is an active project to solve these inconsistencies in the Portal and Mobile applications. Stay tuned to our Infor OS release notes and Technology blog to hear about product updates.

    ****Update December 2018***

    This is now resolved in the Ming.le Mobile application. Fix in the desktop version is pending

  • Is this still in progress? Because we are still seeing ION workflow notifications under tasks.

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