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I created a workflow where I established a connection between ION and M3 Item Master. Now my drillbacl is not working and it gives the following message in the picture below (Requested site is currently unavailable). I dont know why it says so as I am connected to M3 also at the same time using H5.

Secondly, In the item Master, i want to go to the specific Item's E panel in M3. The item it should go to is already picked up through activation policy and taken as an input variable in the workflow. can you shed some light on how we can do this?


Thank you in Advance



  • I have also encountered this problem, did you find a solution?
  • Hello,

    Same here. Spending hours trying to make it work.

    On-premise, 12.0.28. Share and drillback is working :


    Link back to M3 is OK : 


    Drillback definition in the workflow (using ItemView, not M3_ItemView):

    LogicalID : hard-coded "infor.m3.1"

    AccountingEntity : hard-coded "100_100"

    Location : blank

    Program : MMS001

    Table : MITMAS

    Type : MFORMS

    KeyNames: CONO,ITNO

    MMCONO : hard-coded "100"

    MMITNO : parameter ID (from incoming BOD)

    Option : 5

    Panel : E

    CombinedElements : hard-coded "AccountingEntity"

    CombinedElementSeparator : hard-coded "_"

    CombinedElementAccountingEntities : hard-cdoed "CONO,DIVI"


    "Requested site is currently not available".



  • Hello,

    When you get the message "Requested site is currently not available" it is most likely wrong logical id so Ming.le portal doesn't know where to forward your drillback request.

    Make sure it is the same as you have defined in Admin Settings - Manage Application in the Ming.le portal for M3 application.

    When you are doing this review make sure the same logical id is used in the M3 connection point in ION and in Enterprise Collaborator because when you use activation policy you can get the logical id from the BOD (you can check the content in one BOD from M3 in ION OneView) and not hard code it.

    When you get to more advanced drillbacks, I can recommend to read the KB 2022902 where more M3 parameters are defined and can be used in custom drillbacks.

    It is valid for on-prem if you have a later version of M3 UI Adatpter  (>=MUA )



  • Hi Anders,

    Thank you for this information.

    Have to check but i think the lid in IOS admin settings is not the same as the lid in control properties of partner administration (IEC) (reason why we hard-coded it in the drillback definition of the workflow).

    I understand your point on having the same lid because its the only way to retrieve dynamically the lid from incoming BODs (M3 -> ION). But what happens if we want to load balance our numerous interfaces on 2 different IEC servers in the production environment ? What is the best practice in this case ?

  • Greetings,

    Drillbacks in workflows are now OK.

    What was wrong : LogicalID. The string of characters "lid://" was missing in the drillback definition...

    In our example above, LogicalID should be "lid://infor.m3.1".
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