How to filter and setup accreditation Rules related to Category in Task Viewer

Hello, we are migrating our IPA workflow in the new ION workflow , we are using Category (as filtering) in Inbasket IPA = Task viewer , so there is a similar feature category , great ! but in IPA this filter is active for a user with values setup in the combination Role-task , (admin user) , how to do the same in IOS ?  

The user get the tasks for a certain Role , he get only the task for category connected to him (setup In Admin user , related to role) .    For example , we have to distribute task to Supply-Manager (Role) and they are 23 subsidiaries  (countries) , so we defined category = subsidiary , so in IPA only one role exist Supply Manager and each manager see only task related to his subsidiary .


Thank you 

  • Hello,
    There is no similar functionality as IPA Category filtering in Infor OS Workflow. You can emulate the same effect by adding branch logic within the workflow model to execute different Task steps based on the country. Each Task step in the different branches would have different Roles assigned for distribution.
  • Thanks for your advise Keith , this is a key issue before starting new IOS workflow but there is (today) 23 countries distribute the same activity for Supply Role in each country ,the idea is to use setup the role as a parameter value Supply-xxxx ==> xxxx is the category = country , so we keep only one branch , we just have just have to open each role for each country (same as task manager - category filtering) ?
  • Yes! If you can make the distribution role a parameter in the workflow then there are more options available. You may want to look into the advanced distribution logic in the Task step where you can build a rule matrix based on that parameter, or even the Business Rules engine in ION Desk where an approval matrix can be created and shared between workflows. This will save you from branching!