customer notification via text of imminent delivery

Guys, bear with me, I'm neither experienced in transport and logistics or Infor. Is anyone linking infor with an application that does both route optimisation and customer notifications. I'm aware of several 3rd party apps but wanted to know if anyone has linked something directly with Infor LN.

  • Hello Richard.  We are just launching this customer community so we completely missed your post. I apologize.  Let me dig into this and get back to you. 

  • Hey Richard, I might not have the full answer for you yet but this is what I got for you so far: We don't have any standard integrations(IOS) to any 3rd part tools other then our own Infor Nexus which is focused on international freight i.e. ocean and air rather then truck. I am asking around for any none standard integrations and will share this with you as a learn more. I hope this helps you a little. all the best for now