Resetting Admin Password Didn't Work

I am having difficulties with my admin user's password in Infor CRM 8.3.  I have tried to clear out the password using

update sysdba.usersecurity set userpw = '62C3A78AE34A2B0F62', loginattempts = 0 where userid = 'admin'

I can see that the password has changed in the database, but trying to log into the administrator or web client or application architect as admin with no password doesn't work.  This has worked in the past, so I do not know why it isn't working now.  Furthermore, when I get a failed login message, the loginattempts and date do not get updated in the database.  I double checked that the connection I am using is tied to the database where I updated the password.  At this point I have no idea what is going on.  Can anybody provide a suggestion to resolve this?